Fort San Videos

These videos cover a few things regarding Fort San. The first 3 are of Gus who was the General Manager of the Conference Centre and Lori who was the Office Manager.

The remaining videos are all various ghost stories about the San which was known to be a very haunted location. These videos are from the Mendel Art Gallery's website on Qu'appelle. I have decided to host them because of how dated they are that the museum will take them offline in the near future. There are hosted here for informational / non-commercial purposes.

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Lori talks about what it is like to work at the Echo Valley Conference Centre

Gus discusses the future of the Echo Valley Conference Centre

Gus talks about the complexities of maintaining a heritage site

Spirits at Echo Valley Conference Centre

Gus the Skeptic

Lori the Believer

Lori the Believer 2

David talks about the ghost of Residence 29

David talks about the story of Tom the Ghost

David talks about Tom's revisitation

Rebecca and Ethel's ghost story from the San

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